Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parking Safety "Valet" Program

Our Valet Safety program is now in full swing! By now, you may have noticed a difference in the drop-off procedure at Beckford. Too many children were being placed in danger by the erratic parking and double parking of parents in the morning during drop-off time. In conjunction with the Beckford PTA, Principal Brower has instituted the Valet Safety Program. 
Parent volunteers have been essential in making this program successful. We are still in need of more parents volunteers to sign up for a morning shift at either the drop-off gate on Beckford, the side walk-in only gate on Vanalden, the staff parking lot, and the front of the school in the bus zone.

Here's how the program works:

Drive up the coned lane towards the gate

...and a valet will greet your car.

The Parent Valet will then open the door for your child; Valets will also be at the gate to watch the children enter the school yard.

Traffic will still be able to flow both up and down the street while the parking valets are assisting the children out of cars.

Thanks to the Parking Enforcement crew for helping our Volunteer Parent Valets during their first week of Valet Duty!

I know, I know.... not everyone was happy to see them. There were more than a few grumblings about a few tickets issued that day, but everyone is worried about the kids, and in the end this is what this program is all about, insuring that all our children get to their classrooms SAFELY.


Angel said...

It's a gripe at every school. People eat right, take care of their kids, and then drive unsafely to take their precious cargo to school.

I wish we could have the Traffic officers at our school every day. We see u-turns, double parking, and jaywalking.

Congrats, Beckford on your Valet Program. You'll love it!

Anonymous said...

I just have to leave a bit earlier, that will make this program a real success! Thanks everyone for looking out for our kids!

Beckford Parents said...

Thanks Angel! We're hoping to establish a more traffic-safety aware culture at Beckford. There have been way too many close calls.

Thanks so much to all the friendly volunteers we've been seeing at the Beckford Gate (these are just the car valets, there are many, many more stationed at each entrance):

Kelly Moore
Nancy Pipilo
Norma Halperin
Rhonda Shachter
Kelly Mattinson (at the staff parking lot)
Robert Cohn (front entrance)
Mr. Gershon (Vanalden Gate)

and there are more I know I'm forgetting, but for now, sincere thanks to those parents who have stepped up to insure our children arrive safely at Beckford.

Anonymous said...

I hope the police continue to ticket the parents who park in the red zones, and block the sidewalks and driveways illegally. I've seen several parents do this on the small side streets east of Vanalden. No respect for the residents, and unsafe for the kids walking to school!