Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help Us Keep Henry at Beckford!

there goes my hero
Beckford Plant Manager Henry Callahan

Today, an email blast was sent out from PTA President Robert Cohn with an Urgent Action Request and to let us know the latest crisis situation about to wreak havoc upon our little school.

From the attached flier (I'll try to get the flier up at the website tomorrow morning) sent with Robert's email. Prepare to freak out, because I sure as hell did:

Crazy but true: More than 500 elementary school facility supervisors– the ones responsible for alarm inspections and safe school grounds– will be laid off on July 1st if LAUSD has its way.

This plan will cost the School District $19 million! That’s enough money to hire 250 more teachers and reduce classroom sizes, and nearly triple the funds needed to preserve basic services for disabled students.

Who would ensure bathrooms are regularly inspected? (Would you really want your child sitting on THAT toilet?)

Who would be accountable for safety of the playgrounds and the jungle gyms?

Who would flush the water fountains every day to ensure clean, safe drinking water?

Who would supervise fire alarms, shut-off valves, and emergency equipment, or fix an emergency broken pipe or seal a gas leak?

Who would supervise the safe storage of chemicals and toxins?

Take action! Stop this plan before it’s too late! Tell the Board of Education to keep elementary school plant managers in place!

DON’T DELAY: Tell the Board of Education to vote NO on laying off hundreds of School Plant Managers! We need supervision on the school grounds.

Basically what this means is that Henry, as a Plant Manager would be responsible for a small cluster of schools that he would visit on a rotating schedule.

We would be left with what amounts to a "Bathroom Attendant" there to deal with the mountain of work that Henry takes care of daily. [ed. note: let me clarify this point, this "bathroom attendant" would only be doing the bare minimum taking care of the bathrooms. that's it people. everything else would have to be done by staff or parents.]

I'm not even kidding. No Henry to help us with EVERYTHING. Close your eyes for a moment and try, if you can, to imagine a Beckford world with NO Henry. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Email, call, fax... anything you can do, please do TODAY! Please help us keep Henry!

Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte
Board District 1
213-241-6382 Fax: 213-241-8441

Mónica García
Board President,
Board District 2
213-241-6180 Fax: 213-241-8459

*Tamar Galatzan - (our Board Member)
Board Member Board District 3
213-241-6386 Fax: 213-241-8979
Board District 3 Field Office
6651 #A Balboa Blvd.
Lake Balboa, CA 91406
818-654-3785 Fax: 818-654-3788

Steve Zimmer
Board Member Board District 4
213-241-6387 Fax: 213-241-8453

Yolie Flores
Board Member Board District 5
213-241-6383 Fax: 213-241-8467

Nury Martinez
Board Member Board District 6
213-241-6388 Fax: 213-241-8451

Dr. Richard Vladovic
Board Member Board District 7
213-241-6385 Fax: 213-241-8452

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