Friday, May 15, 2009

Making lemonade

Writer Joseph Mailander met up with Beckford Parents bloggers Kelly Mattinson, Kelly Moore and yours truly, as well as PTA President Robert Cohn and Supa Mom Christina Guese this morning at the Balboa Park soccer fields for the Lemonade Rally parent's protest.

Here's a snippet from his account of the rally over at street-hassle, noting School Board Member Tamar Galatzan's non-speak speaking and Sandra Tsing Loh doing whatever it is she does:

Galatzan spoke without doing much speaking, ultimately promising to "to continue to be your partner in this fight" that isn't exactly political. Then the group marched up Balboa, on...wait for it...District offices, including Galatzan's office. For this revolutionary activity, Ms. Loh, whose publicity person passed out flyers on her behalf for an upcoming performance, sported a Che beret

Sometimes I feel the same way about performance artists as I do mimes. Just sayin'. Wait... aren't mimes performance artists, too? I'm so confused. Go read the rest of Joseph's words for yerselves here (he has pictures!!!).

Robert tooks tons of pics, and I have a few I need to still upload onto my computer... will post them as they come in.

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