Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"LAUSD Disconnected from mission"

A snippet from an editorial in the Daily News:

If residents needed more evidence that the behemoth bureaucracy that is the Los Angeles Unified School District has become a dysfunctional agency, the scandals at two San Fernando Valley schools in recent weeks should do the trick.

Last week, six staff members at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, including the volleyball coach and Principal Sharon Thomas, were reassigned under suspicion that they didn't report a hazing incident last fall involving the boys varsity volleyball team. A few days later, four students were suspended as well.

It's a serious issue because, if true, the administrators are guilty of failing to report a suspicion of child abuse, and that could be cause for termination.

If that incident weren't shocking enough, during the very same week three top officials at Porter Middle School in Granada Hills were reassigned for allegedly conducting a drug sting on campus involving their students. Indeed, according to police, the three administrators, including school Dean Laura Custodio, asked one student to try to buy marijuana from another student.

If this is true, not only would they be guilty of serious irresponsibility, but they could be charged with actual crimes.

One thing seems clear from these two incidents: Not only have LAUSD schools failed at educating; they are now contributing to the delinquency of their charges.

Good grief! As if things aren't already dismal at LAUSD, now we have to worry about Nutty Administrators contributing to the delinquency of our children. Great. Just great.

You may read the rest of this editorial by clicking here.

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