Monday, March 2, 2009

"Friends Don't Let Friends Vote For Walter Moore"

je suis effrayant

My friend Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby has some compelling reasons NOT to vote for Walter Moore:

I find Moore to be a poor decision-maker. First lets start off with how, according to current LA City Ethics Commission records, he has spent the nearly $300,000 he collected in both private contributions and taxpayer funded public campaign financing on things like campaign hats, bumper stickers, yard signs, fliers and radio advertising. For sure, these are all things typically associated with campaigns. But anyone who has worked on campaigns knows that getting elected requires getting out the vote. In his filings, I see nothing with respect to hiring a consultant to manage get out the vote efforts, setting up a phone banking operation or anything related to those mission critical campaign items. A campaign office, bumper stickers, rallies, radio and TV commercials are great things to stoke a candidate's ego but they are not the most important part of getting out the vote. We know Mayor Villaraigosa has troops out there this weekend. They may motivate Moore's base but his base isn't sufficient enough to get him elected. There is no indication on Moore's wesbite of phonebanking or precinct walking activities, indeed the only activity I see over the weekend was an hour and half long event at Moore's office where he handed out fliers to fans. All of this leads me to question if Moore is serious about winning. I believe he has wasted significant resources and significant opportunity. Radio talk show host Kevin James who I have great respect for makes the point that Walter is the only candidate who got out early raising money. Fair enough. But how Walter has spent the money raises serious concerns for this blogger and gives me pause as to what kind of manager Moore would be.There are a number of disturbing things many have told me with respect to their interaction with Walter. But because these are sometimes third party accounts and their side of the story I won't go into them specifically here. I feel my own experiences and that which is already documented are sufficient cause to not give Walter Moore my vote.

The LA Weekly covers Mayor Sam's condemnations of Moore here. A snippet from the Weekly blurb:

The blush is definitely off the romance between the city's leading center-right blog and immigrant-bashing, billboard-friendly mayoral candidate Walter Moore.

Higby also notes that while Moore has raised nearly $300,000, the candidate has apparently blown it all on lawn signs and bumper stickers, while making no effort to set up a phone banking system or organize precinct walkers who would canvas neighborhoods for his candidacy. In other words, Moore's campaign appears to be nothing but a narcissistic gesture and not a serious effort to challenge Villaraigosa. The Mayor Sam bill of charges against Moore seems incomplete, however, for although Higby doesn't mention Moore's shilling for the billboard industry, the L.A. Weekly recently examined the issue, as have the Street Hassle and Ron Kaye L.A. blogs.

My own reasons not to vote for Walter Moore are here.

Quite frankly, his anti-Mexican rhetoric (and this includes not only illegal Mexican immigrants, but also to hundreds of thousands of legal resident Mexican-Americans living in Los Angeles) scares me. His arrogance and lack of appreciation of this City and it's history and culture are not worthy of your vote.

"Anyone but Antonio" has been the latest rally call. I think we need to add to it: Anyone but Antonio or Walter Moore.

We need more love, less hate.

No to Walter Moore.


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Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the lawn signs for Moore in front of a Nashville St. house that have been changed to say "House for Mayor V?"

Guess someone didn't like Walter's loss.

Anonymous said...

I saw it while I was walking my dogs last night. Did you also notice the other sign on the lawn that was changed to say the same thing... but in Spanish. Not in Korean, or Armenian or Chinese or any of the other predominate languages spoken by our neighbors... just Spanish.

Hmmm, what are we trying to say here?

Oh, ok--now I get it. Brown/Spanish=BAD!!!!

Debbie Lopez said...

Oh my god, are you serious?? They actually changed the signs to say that??

Okay, now I gotta walk over there and see for myself.

With my camera.

Jeez... some people -- and in my own backyard.

Debbie Lopez said...

OMG. You mean these signs?