Monday, May 18, 2015

Enough is enough--time for change in the Valley

fast forward to the 35:20 mark to hear tamar galatzan's comments

"This is an amazing adventure that we are about to embark on.... Nothing is perfect here but we made the best choice, hopefully, based on all the information that was out there." --Tamar Galatzan 

Here is a video of Tamar Galatzan speaking at the June 18, 2013 LAUSD board meeting, right before she voted to accept the Apple iPad contract, even after knowing the key architect of the iPad Initiative was a former employee of a Pearson owned education research company who was also on the team which reviewed the three finalists for the contract, all of which had Pearson software; she knew Dr. Deasy had a financial relationship with Apple; she also heard at this same meeting the contract didn't include necessary accessories students needed to use for the Pearson Common Core testing. But she voted for it anyway. Here's the meeting and Tamar's comments below (ffwd to the 35:20 mark of the video).
Enough mismanagement and wasteful spending in LAUSD. Vote for Scott M Schmerelson tomorrow.

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