Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking a gander at some visiting friends

Back in late August, on the way home from dropping Miss C. at camp, I spotted this group of visitors on our campus. I parked and got a little up close and personal. Maybe a little too up close and personal, acutally. I had meant to post these sooner, but forgot. This morning, a friend reminded me of geese, which reminded me of these photos (click on photos to enlarge) :

Here they all are on the yard snacking on I don't even know what

This handsome guy was checking me out checking him out.

At first, the geese didn't seem to mind me hanging around taking their picture; after all they were just sitting around on a cool, lazy August morning.

The geese had had enough of me watching them and taking their picture

They had a meeting.

They voted to leave.

But not before leaving a huge, nasty mess on the playground.

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