Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open for business!

back to work
the front office

The Beckford front office is now officially open for business! We were happy to see Maureen, Tiana, Angela and Julie Greiner there getting things ready. We were even happier to see Henry there as well. It always makes my day happier to see Henry!

Still no permanent office manager as I write this, but there was a sub SAA taking care of the important computer stuff. Thank goodness! I made up and printed some flyers for the Back to School picnic. Unfortunately, like a dodo-head, I neglected to bring one home to scan and post. That file is on the library's computer where I made it. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot more time in the library this year. Hopefully, our librarian Julie Greiner will be spending more time there as well. I love Julie!

During the day, our Beckford Girl Scouts met in front of the school for a field trip to the movies they had planned early in the summer. They were all very excited that we have a new principal and wanted to know if they could go in and say hello to her. Kelly Mattinson arranged for them to go in and meet with Mrs. Brower, and the girls presented her with a bouquet of flowers to welcome her to Beckford.

Remember, our Back to School picnic takes place September 2nd, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Free sno-cones, classroom assignments will be given to parents, and the Bear Wear crew will be there to help you with all your Bear Wear needs! Come and join the fun and say hello to our new principal, Mrs. Brower!

Beckford Girl Scouts meet Mrs. Brower

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