Friday, July 23, 2010

Now we wait.

D- Day
Setting up. Conference Room K, Local District 1 Offices

Well, it's all over. Nothin' left to do but wait.

The Interview Committee finished our process and now we hope to have an answer sometime in the next two weeks.

Because we would not want to IMPUNE THE INTEGRITY OF THE CONFIDENTIALITY aspect of the process, we all had to sign confidentiality agreements. We have been admonished not to discuss the candidates, what was discussed or anything regarding anything that happened during the screening and interviews.

I can, I think, explain how the process went down, who was on the committee and which stakeholder group they represented.

First, compiling the interview committee -- Someone told me there's a rumor going around that only "handpicked" parents were on the interview committee, implying some sort of favoritism. Uhhh... no.

All stakeholders must be represented and a list of names was submitted of representatives from various groups. Below is a list of the Interview Committee and which group they represented.

Dr. Pam Sasada - Director (Principal Leaders), Local District 1

Lewis Brown - Teacher / 5th Grade Coordinator

Donna Simon - Classified Staff / Special Ed Advocate

Debbie Whitt - Teacher/ UTLA Representative

Mary Ann Farber - Retired Teacher/ Community Advocate

Kathy Zika - Teacher / School Site Council

Lisa Stevens - Teacher / GATE Coordinator

Artur Cybulski - Parent/ School Site Council President

Debbie Lopez - Parent/ PTA President

Kelly Mattinson - Alternate

The screening process took about three hours. We looked at resumes and weeded through them. We came up with categories of questions, and then formed questions within each category.

And then we went home. :)

Today, we met bright and early at 8:30 a.m. Kelly and Artur brought coffee and muffins, I brought some fruit, Kathy Zika baked brownies (if any of you parents get her this year..... SCORE! those brownies were awesome!) and the amazing Donna Simon made the most yummy salads for the group for our lunch break.

We arranged the tables to accommodate us all and then went over our papers and notes again one more time before the interview process began. Oh, that's another thing: we were not able to take our paperwork packets home with us at the end of each day. We had to turn in our notes after the screening day and turn in our notes today after the interviews. We welcomed our first applicant at 9:00 a.m.

We were finished with all our interviews, and post-interview discussions by around 1:30 p.m. and we were excused and walked out of the conference room to the smell of thick smoke outside and wondering where it was coming from. I've just heard it's somewhere in Santa Clarita. But I digress...

The recommendations have now been submitted to Dr. Pam Sasada, who will then in turn submit them to our local District 1 Superintendent, Linda Del Cueto, and she will make the final decision.

I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Thanks to the committee for their time and thoughtful attention to detail throughout this whole process. It was really an honor for me to sit with this group and listen to them and discuss with them and it proves to me, once again, what an amazing team we have at Beckford.

Whoever gets the job.... I hope they know they've just won the jackpot. Not financially, of course, because Beckford is broke as a joke; but in the culture they'll be entering at our school: fiercely devoted teachers, incredibly invested parents and a staff that truly loves our kids and our community.

I hope our new principal can embrace our community, expand on our strengths and fortify our weaknesses, and who can administrate with a calm and steady hand through these most unsteady of times. I hope he or she will imagine with us all the possibilities for success (and let's not forget..... FUN!) for our students. We will do everything we can to help you make it happen.

Good luck... to all of us!


Anonymous said...

Yes it was a very interesting experience! I was honored to be a part of this process, but trust me it wasn't an easy task, but I think we made you proud! Keep your fingers crossed :-)

Michael Higby said...

Kudos to all the folks especially the parents for taking the time to serve like this. Imagine if we had this process for picking City department heads!

Debbie Lopez said...

Thanks Mayor Sam! Yah, it would be incredibly awesome if we could hire our dept. heads this way.

But that would make too much damn sense!


Unknown said...

Find out what waivers you need to guarantee you can hire next time--rather than wait for LD1 to rubber stamp it. Your UTLA person should know the waivers needed.

It's going to be more and more crucial as the district continues to "place" people rather than let schools hire the best fit for the position.

Debbie Lopez said...

Hi Angel! Thanks for stopping by! You know, we really need to get together someday!

Anyway, aren't the principal waivers only for the lucky title 1's?

We don't live in that magical land. :)

I will mos def have to check into it tho, thanks for giving me the heads up because I had no idea such a thing existed!