Friday, July 30, 2010

I have good news and I have bad news and I have good news

First, the best news:

We have our principal! Her name is Shelly Brower and all my usual LAUSD sources tell me WE HAVE A WINNER! I'm hoping to get to speak with her soon, maybe ask if she has any words she'd like to share with you and give her the opportunity to tell you a little about herself.

I'm reeeeeeally, reeeeeally happy you guys. This is going to be a good thing. A great thing.

I'd like to take a moment, tho, to say to the other applicants for the job: we were all so impressed with everyone. Every single applicant we interviewed was amazing. All of them.

Now, the bad-ish news:

In the larger scheme of things, it isn't the end of the world, just a small flat tire on the highway, but like I told Robert Cohn yesterday, I HAVE TRIPLE AAA BABY! No worries....

Our PTA Membership Chairperson has sent me her resignation. The family has decided to leave Beckford and we will miss them terribly. This leaves us with no membership chair and we need one for the Membership Drive which kicks off the second week of school.

A parent once remarked to me that he didn't understand the importance of PTA membership, why it was such a big deal. And this from a parent who has a 5th grader now, and has been at Beckford since kindergarten!

Let me try to explain in the least amount of words possible, because you people know I can go on all damn day....

PTA membership is incredibly important. For the price of a single membership ($6.00 per person, pet, business, &c) you have a say. You have a say in what you'd like to see happen at our school. You become a part of an organization that have been advocates for children and education FOR OVER A HUNDRED YEARS!

The PTA is where I honed my voice... it's where I got my start as an activist, an advocate and a participant in what went on at Beckford. The PTA gave me the tools I needed to be of help.

Additionally, know that a portion of your membership dues goes towards funding our liability insurance for our events as well as medical, dental and ophthomology clinics for all children in our community who need these vital services.

So yeah, to me, PTA membership ... it is kind of a big deal. If you'd like to read more about PTA Membership and what it's all about, click here.

If you think you might be interested in taking over the Membership position, here's a description from the PTA Toolkit that tells you what's what. [it's a pdf file... scroll down to page 423]

Sound interesting? Well come on down! Send me an email! Let's do this thing!

And finally... some really EXCELLENT NEWS:

I've been told that Henry will be there to greet us all in September. But don't go getting all excited, it's only a temporary situation. He'll be able to stay until probably December.

I'm grateful for whatever time, however long, we can keep him around.

I think the PTA needs to look into having a THANK YOU HENRY Day at Beckford. We've done it before a few years back... quite a few years back.... but I don't think you can ever have too many THANK YOU HENRY Days at Beckford. If anyone would like to help with that, let me know too.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Here we are at Zuma beach with a bunch of Beckford families who all agree that a thank you Henry day sounds perfect, and we will help (I will make posters and everything).

Debbie Lopez said...

Thank you, my Zuma Beach Beckford Families. I love you!

Hopefully, I'll be able to join you next Friday now that Catechism Boot Camp is over today!


Patty said...

I remember running into the membership chair when my daughter was a second grader at Beckford, and saying how shocked I was that our class was doing so poorly during the membership drive. She figured it was because there were so many in the class that were previously in private schools, and the parents didn't realize the importance of joining.

For me, joining the PTA (and automatically including a membership for my husband) is a no-brainer. At the national level and state level, PTA is a major lobbyist for each and every child. If anyone doubts this, they can visit their websites and read up on all the accomplishments that benefit your children.

But I guess I'm biased. My mother was the membership chair when I was in grade school (yeah, a Valley school) and I had the honor of helping set up the PTA at Vintage Magnet in 2005 and serving as the secretary until the girl culminated.

Look at the PTA officers at any school and you'll find some of the hardest working volunteers around.


Patty said...

Oh, and sorry about the flat tire. Once that happen to me on the 405 on the way to work. Was way late that morning.

masrite said...

Yes to a Henry Day!! It's always needed. Count me in to do whatever Deb!! As for a memebership chair, I'll put my thinking cap on & see if I can think of someone.

Debbie Lopez said...

Thanks Patty. Great words for a great cause.

And thanks Chana... I know I can always count on you to help a sister out!

Nina N. said...

So much news! Of course we must do a Thank You Henry Day--there must be something we can do to keep Henry. We gotta fill not only Membership Chair but Book Fair Chair, too! We'll find someone to step up and do a bang-up job of it!