Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Your Daily GHCHS PSA

LAUSD Parcel Tax and Charter Schools

As I wrote last month, the LAUSD Board of Education has approved placing a new $100 parcel tax on the June 8th ballot. The limited tax would generate $92.5 million per year for four years.

With the June 8th election approaching and absentee ballots being mailed this week, LAUSD Board of Education still has not guaranteed that, assuming the parcel tax is passed, a fair-share of the revenue generated will be offered to Los Angeles charter schools even though charter schools serve public school students of the LAUSD. Without the guarantee, LAUSD is creating two disparate and unequal funding levels for public school students -- one for district school students and a lesser funding level for charter school students.

Please share with all those interested, especially Los Angeles residents who will vote on June 8th, that GHCHS and its students may not receive their fair share if the LAUSD parcel tax is passed.

Brian Bauer

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