Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Acting Up and Speaking Out!

here's to you sacto! now give us our monies!
"here's to you, sacramento!"

A group of intrepid Beckford students, teachers, parents and Principal Friedrich met in the Beckford parking lot this morning bright (?) and early at 4:00 a.m. to catch an early morning flight to Sacramento. They'll turn around and be back this afternoon.

The purpose? Well, our legislators have proclaimed today as California Youth in Theatre Day and students will be meeting with and performing for legislators. Our Beckford group will be meeting with Senator George Runner and Assembly Member Cameron Smyth.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Although I did hear Mrs. Friedrich say she had a thing or two to say to Mr. Runner about his voting to slash funding for educational programs.

However, I did instruct a few of the more pro-active students on the finer arts of demonstration:

-- sit ins: yes, you just sit around for a long time.

-- hunger strikes: you don't eat for a really, really long time, although I think maybe Jamba Juices are ok, I'll have to double check.

-- non-violent protest: chanting slogans, carrying signs in concert with any of the above, and babies... you are good to go.

Now go act your little thespian hearts out and act up when meeting with the politicians and tell them you're so totally serious. They need to get their "act" together (no pun intended... or yeah, maybe) and fix this messed up budget and this messed up District.

Good luck kids! Break a leg!


Joseph Mailander said...

Missed an opportunity here to duck in a plug for SB 438, which would extend the same protections to charter schools regarding free speech that kids at public schools enjoy.

SB 438

Debbie Lopez said...

Thanks for the link, Mr. Mailander.

Patty said...

I'm guessing they'll have a long list of the advantages of having arts in the school (as well as the negative ramifications). Remind those politicians that they are where they are due to a well-rounded education.

Debbie Lopez said...

Patty, I'll pass your comments along to Kelly... she's up there with the kids and we've been twittering and texting each other all morning. :)