Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Postcards from Starbucks...

The Beckford Evening Gala Committee met this morning at our official office ... Starbucks. Kelly Mattinson, Allan Evenas, Summer Shami, Trisha Witwit, Terri Schwartz, Denise Mumma and yours truly met to discuss how things went last Friday night at Porter Valley Country Club (pictures of the evening are up at the Beckford Website... link to yer top- right).

By all accounts, everyone had a fabulous time, enjoyed the food, the drinks, the auction, the entertainment and the fun just socializing with each other in a more relaxed setting (without kids tugging on our sleeves every five minutes asking when we're going home!) and it's always fun when the Beckford Parents get together.

Summer Shami & Trisha Witwit

Denise Mumma, Kelly Mattinson, Terri Schwartz and Allan Evenas

We were already discussing plans for next year's Gala; what we will change next time, what we could add (or drop) to the evening's festivities. We're really excited about it already!

While we were there, we were pleasantly surprised to see our former assistant principal, Temika Dixon, stopping in for a cup of coffee before she raced off to a meeting for principals in the Chatsworth cluster. Beckford is in the Granada Hills cluster, by the way. "Miko" is now a principal at Topeka (it is Topeka isn't it? I'm suddenly having brain freeze). We were glad to see her and there were lots of hugs all around.

Miko Dixon

If you attended the Evening Gala and have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the evening, you can leave a comment here or drop us a line at: beckfordparents at gmail dot com.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this night so much fun! See you next year!

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Anonymous said...

The tri tip could have been better. I hear the chciken was excellent. Other than that, we had a good time! Thank you guys!