Thursday, January 28, 2010

McTeacher Night

We had a great time at McDonald's last night, as teachers and staff members got behind the counters and worked shifts serving meals to Beckford families and friends.

PTA president Robert Cohn reports that Beckford raised $839.02 last night; a combined total of our 20% cut of their orders from 5-8 pm, as well as from the tip jars being passed around the dining room by our fabulous teachers.

Thanks so much to Shelly Clark for organizing the event and for just being so darn cute all of the time.

Here are a few pics from the evening:

The adorable Ms. Varko wondering what she's gotten herself into.

Ms. Zika works the dining room collecting tips. Good job, Ms. Zika!

The place was hopping!

Teachers trying to figure out the ice cream machine....

Oh noes! We have a hot fudge 9-1-1!

Mrs. Cybulski and Mrs. Stevens

Carmen works a shift behind the counter, too!

It was crazy busy!

Baby's 1st McTeacher Night!

One of my fave Beckford families, the Arriolas

Thanks again to all the teachers who signed up to work a shift last night, and to all the families who came out to support the cause. It was a fun night, and yes, my ears did eventually stop ringing. Can't wait til next year!

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