Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Galatzan is Stuck With Us

So the election for L.A. City Council District #2 yesterday resulted in a runoff between State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian and businesswoman Christine Essel in December.

Tamar Galatzan, our District #3 LAUSD School Board Member, just elected in 2007, came in third... meaning she's stuck with us for a while longer while serving on the School Board. Let's hope she can rebuild parent trust that she really cares about our kids and isn't just in this for political gain. We NEED a strong, dedicated, smart School Board Member and many parents had their hopes pinned on her. Is she still up to the challenge?


Debbie Lopez said...

Rebekka, I wish I knew whether or not she is really going to jump back into her job with the same enthusiasm, or just coast out the rest of her term.

And remember, this was just a special election... she can run again for CM in 2011.

Maybe she'll be gearing up for that. I just don't know, and she ain't sayin'.

Unknown said...

Given that the same people who predicted she'd run for Greuel's spot would happen before Tamar even ran in 2007 were right--the consensus was she doesn't want to be on the school board anymore.

I don't know if it's worse that she lost or if she'd won.

The West Valley needs a strong voice who cares about our kids as things like kindergarten (half day? or if there even will be one?) and mandatory district-wide school uniforms start to work their way through the politicos that are on the board now.

While Tamar used Mayor Shoulderpads to get on the school board, I always felt like she was at least semi-independent.

It will take a LONG while before that trust is restored, and in some cases, I don't think it will ever be earned back.

Valley Doll said...

"Mayor Shoulderpads", heh heh heh. Imma have to tell that one to Mayor Sam. ;)


Unknown said...

Feel free to use it :) Heck, he's not MY mayor. You guys are stuck with him.

How's the class size situation looking at Beckford? We had BTS night this week, and despite the belief that the world would end with 24:1, we're doing ok. Of course, we'd prefer smaller, but we're making due.

Michael Higby said...

Well you just did. Don't forget those of us here in the Southeast Valley (a distinctly different but wonderful kingdom) are stuck with Dumar too. We'll be glad to join up with y'all to bring in someone like Louis Pugliese or even Debbie Lopez! Woot!

Debbie Lopez said...

MayorSam said: We'll be glad to join up with y'all to bring in someone like Louis Pugliese or even Debbie Lopez! Woot!

Uhh.... that would be a great big NO EFFING WAY on that last name you randomly threw in there.