Thursday, June 11, 2009


Valley Schools Taskforce Meeting -a follow-up meeting to the Non-Title 1 Conference held last month by Tamar Galatzan -will be held on Saturday, June 27th from 9am - 11am. Tom Waldman, from Tamar's office stated that he intends to notify everyone who attended the last meeing by email with more specifics. This meeting will include the next steps for Non-Title One schools to move forward with the ideas discussed in May.

I will share the email when I receive it for those who were unable to attend the last meeting. I hope you all intend to join me at this meeting - I know it isn't easy giving up your Saturday mornings (believe me, I know). But the alternative, ie: doing nothing at all, means just that -nothing at all is going to change. I, for one, am not satisfied with things as they are and from what I'm hearing and reading, neither are you. Please join us...

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" --Mahatma Ghandi


Unknown said...

Thanks for this update, Dana. It's not even mentioned in Tamar's newsletter.

As for giving up a Saturday, it's not a case of sleeping in or choosing something else. I really wish they'd occasionally consider having one of these on a weeknight (like Back to School) so that parents with prior commitments can attend.

Dana Dickey said...

I agree it would be nice to occasionally have weeknight meetings for those who can't make it to the Saturday ones. But that is where venues such as this come in handy for disseminating information. At the last meeting, Wendy Dern suggested each school send one representative to these meetings with Tamar and her staff and then take the information back to their respective schools. This made a lot more sense to me. Each school could hold their own meetings to address what was said at the big meeting with Tamar.

Anyways, hang in there, we'll make sure you are filled in on what is happening and get to share your ideas and input. Right now the important thing is to not give up hope and keep the ball rolling forward by getting our message out to anyone who'll listen.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if that one million dollars Tony V has decided would be nice for a parade can instead be used to keep some of the teachers employed. In fact, how about some of those promised donors he was talking about last night help out the LAUSD.