Monday, May 11, 2009

"Parents are the 4th Estate"

Okie dokie Moms & Dads...

The lovely blush of Mothers' Day is over, and now it's time to get back to work...

from the Lemonade Initiative website:

This Mother’s Day weekend we Lemonade Ladies took a much need respite from the woes of LAUSD. We enjoyed our kid’s baseball games, fireworks at Encino Little League, a little Star Trek [ed. note: which was freakin' AWESOME, by the way. -DL] and a much need nap.

But it’s Monday, we are back on the job and getting ready for Friday’s Lemonade Rally to be attended by parents across the city.

Why are we staging our own parents rally instead of walking with our teachers at our home schools? As Susan constantly reminds us -- Who determined that UTLA, LAUSD and our State Representatives are the only ones with a say in how are children are educated?

Parents are the 4th estate who have been a missing voice in this conversation -- but not anymore. We are the ones who have the most to lose from an ineffective education system. It is our children who are the real losers in the endless jockeying of ego and power plays.

As parents we must stand up and make our voice heard. This has been going on for far too long. We must demand an end to the endless debating and panel making. We must demand immediate action and change.

We must demand that those who are paid with our tax dollars end this perpetual crisis, or be replaced with those can affect change.

But make no mistake, our strength on Friday will be in numbers. With the press in attendance, this is our moment and we can ill afford to make a weak showing.

So we are asking you again. Please reach out to all that you know and tell them about our cause. Forward our website, talk about it on Facebook, and a make sure to tweet about it.

At this point if we do not make our voices heard, we have no one to blame but ourselves. This may be the road less traveled, but we are headed in the right direction, and can see a new era in public education just around the corner.

The Lemonade Initiative ... this Friday, May 15 Balboa Park Soccer Fields ... Bring your kids... Take a stand!

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Make sure your school will not be testing Friday. I'm very torn on this, since lack of attendance is actually going to hurt funding even more.

And there's NO WAY I can condone the spending of the entire stimulus this year. When the ballot initiatives fail, we'll be in a worse predicament next year.

LAUSD has to find ways to fund itself without digging even deeper into taxpayer's pockets. Parents must educate themselves on budgeting matters before they make demands.

Lydia said...

Thank You for the kind words.
We are all in this together.
Now that the walkout has been cacelled is the event still on for Friday?
I do plan on attending if it is.

Debbie Lopez said...

Hi Lydia!!

The event is definitely still on!