Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Awesome Parent Volunteers

Here is a clip of the auditorium and our parent volunteers and teachers. Featured is Mrs. Lee's adorable baby.


isy19 said...

Great seeing the video of the tea. reminded me of old times. Once again Chana, Debbie and the rest of the wondeful volunteers put together a wonderful time had by all. Made me miss the good old days.

Love, isy

Debbie Lopez said...


So glad you stopped by the blog! I hope you stop often to check out what's new on campus and you'll come and visit us at one of our functions.

As for yesterday's tea, Chana and I got to enjoy it -- work free -- Kathy Zika and her band of Merry Teachers put it all together beautifully (as always).

I think I gained a few pounds just STARING at the dessert table. We won't mention how many desserts I sampled.