Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Town Hall Meeting

Okay, so a few weeks ago Debbie e-mails me and invites me to be a contributer to the Beckford Parents Blog. She says it would be a perfect place for me to show off all the photos I take around school (without all of that worry of whether or not I have signed releases from each individual I photograph). I think to myself that this can be kind of fun. Well, the weeks have gone by, and I haven’t posted one thing. Last night I attended the town hall meeting that Debbie gave you the blow by blow. I too was disappointed by the poor turn out. Were people so worried about missing “Dancing With The Stars” that they couldn’t attend? Kelly M. was happy I was there, because she likes it when I take notes. I was trying to write down all the key points that Tamar was discussing about “Staffing Levels” and “Buy Back Positions” and “Title I and Non Title 1 schools” and I just really didn’t know what I was writing. The things that stood out in my mind last night were the mom who was worried about her Special Needs child loosing her behaviorist, or the cafeteria worker who has worked for the district for over 30 years, how would loosing our Vice Principal affect my “Special Needs” child. I got all teary eyed. I have never really been a politically minded person, and I get most of my news from TMZ or Perez Hilton. I left that meeting realizing that I need to get informed, I need to let our State Legislator know that public education is important, MY CHILD IS IMPORTANT. Your child is important. Okay, so sharing my opinion just doesn’t really come natural to me (I tend to prefer the fluff). Let me share a conversation that I had with my son yesterday morning while dropping him off at school.

“Mom, are you staying at school today in my class?”

“Not today buddy, why?”

“Because, I love you”

Show your child how much you love them and activate pressure, get informed, write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings, let your voice be heard! Isn’t that what being a parent is all about? (now I have to go read my TMZ news).

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Great first post Shelly. It was beautiful!!