Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open House ROCKED

Open House....Wow, what an amazing night we had at Beckford! As usual our classrooms were spectacular! Our kids were glowing with pride! I am always so impressed with our children's work. we are so blessed to have them experience education is such a creative and supportive manner. And let's talk about the work by the parents... our silent auction baskets were works of art! I know alot of you got great deals and helped make some very needed money for our school :-) Chana Gluck, Debbie Lopez and I worked really hard to present them all and make sure we had a nice variety to choose from. I think we did a pretty good job :-) We made some good money too. Thank you to all the teachers for giving us some great auction items; Candice Stong did a great job of putting them all together and we made almost $1000! Thanks teachers, you are awesome! The bake sale and Panda/ Ameci's was busy, busy, busy! Thank you to Kristina Scalise for putting it all together and thanks to all the parents who jumped in to volunteer! It takes a team to bring this all together and you all had a part in an amazing night. Thank you for all of your contributions! Job, well done.

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