Sunday, March 8, 2009


God, I love that boy.


I just read this in the comments section at MayorSam:

Zuma Dogg said:

I just recorded video of LAUSD school board president Monica Garcia with her CA EXEMPT vehicle parked in the red no parking zone (with dry cleaning in the back seat). She was talking on her cell phone while driving. My camera cut out, so we'll see if that part is in the video, too.

So remember people, Villaraigosa's LAUSD president Monica Garcia wants to remind parents and kids to follow and obey the rules, even though she doesn't feel the need to lead by example, and is perfectly comfortable driving around talking on her cell phone, parking in red no parking zones, with the dry cleaning in the back seat of her CA EXEMPT car with the ZumaCam rolling.

Maybe she needs to attend a community training and education seminar with Gavin Newsom who was also busted on the ZumaCam parking in the no parking zone.

And don't bother asking how or why Zuma happened to be there to bust her ass. All that matters is that Batman, Spiderman and Zuma Dogg always end up being at the right place at the right time. And that's all you need to know! Batman has the Batsignal. Spiderman has his Spidey-senses and Zuma Dogg has his collective conciousness fueled by community spirt that has been the guiding force pulling him all over town. ;)

March 08, 2009 1:30 PM

He's baaaack!


Anonymous said...

Why oh why do we care?

Beckford Parents said...

We care because we expect our ELECTED OFFICIALS to be held to a higher standard and as a school that touts "CHARACTER COUNTS", it's interesting to see how the President of our School Board behaves when she thinks no one is watching.

But the Big ZD is everywhere.... and we here at this blog love Zuma Dogg. If you don't ... keep movin', nothing for you to see here.

Don't let the door hit you... well, you know.