Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They like us! They really like us!


Love from various points of the blogosphere regarding our coverage of yesterday's Board of Education meeting/protest. First, from MayorSam's:

The Beckford Elementary School Parents Blog gives a good blow by blow of the scene from Tuesday's LA Unified Board of Education meeting where teachers' union members and other activtists were on hand to protest planned teacher layoffs. The District will send layoff notices to about 9,000 employees as a precautionary measure should the LAUSD actually have to reduce staff later this year.

Next, from certainly the Cutest Boy in the Blogosphere over at street-hassle.:

Not a lot of blogosphere notation of the fact yet, however. In fact, humble and lovable blog Beckford Parents had the best blow-by-blow, by aggregating Twitter updates. Kudos to MayorSam for noting the fact.


We're "humble" and "lovable"!!

I know, you can't resist us.

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