Monday, March 9, 2009

Save Our Assistant Principals!!

from our friends at MOMS UNITE:

On Tuesday, the LAUSD school board is voting on whether to eliminate 475 Assistant Principal/Elementary Instructional Specialist positions in ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS.

This will severely impact students with special needs, the quality of IEP process, oversight of the Behavioral Support Team, and a number of other crucial student programs. All of the AP’s other duties would have to be performed by clerical staff. This includes addressing safety issues and discipline issues. Every student will suffer. Instead, 200 jobs for Elementary Instructional Specialist (EIS), would be created. These new specialist positions would have significantly different responsibilities and would report directly to the Local Districts and the Division of Special Education.

Each position will serve two or three schools and only conduct assessments for IEPs. Nothing else. They will be responsible for making recommendations for children whom they DO NOT KNOW. If this passes, it will leave our elementary schools with overloaded principals, uneven and impersonal IEP evaluations and over 200 teachers out of work. LAUSD says that this will improve our schools.


Our children deserve better.

How will this impact Beckford: We will lose our Assistant Principal, Mr. Garren. Mr. Garren's responsibilities will be divided up among the office staff – including discipline and other important functions. Our special needs children will suffer from the lack of individual attention and advocacy. We need your help:

MOMS UNITE is spearheading an effort to stop the School Board from eliminating this position in a vote. Here's how you can help:

Email each and every Board member to express your feelings. You are taxpayers and parents. You have a voice – use it! The contact information for each Board member is attached below. Please call and email. A sample script is below.

Come with us to the Board Meeting on Tuesday at 1:00. This is our chance to show our support of our schools en masse. We are hoping to have 100 parents from all over the city at the meeting to let the School Board know that we DO NOT support this.

333 South Beaudry Avenue
24th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Thank you for your help!! If we all work together, we CAN make a difference. Please see below for more information.


MARGUERITE LAMOTTE, Board Dist. 1, 213-241-6382

MONICA GARCIA, Board President, Board Dist. 2, 213-241-6180

TAMAR GALATZAN (Our District Board Member), Board Dist. 3,

MARLENE CANTER, Board Dist. 4,

YOLIE FLORES AGUILAR, Board Dist. 5, 213-241-6383

JULIE KORENSTEIN, Board Dist. 6, 213-241-6388

DR. RICHARD VLADOVIC, Board Dist. 7, 213-241-6385

RANDY ROSS, Board Director of Education Policy, 213-241-2021

JEFFERSON CRAIN, Executive Officer of the Board, 213-241-7002

General Fax Numbers for all Board Members: 213-241-8953 or 213-481-9023

Sample Script (feel free to customize):

Hello, my name is _____________. I am a taxpayer, a voter and the parent of an elementary school child. I understand that there will be a vote on Tuesday to determine if the position of Assistant Principal will be eliminated. I am calling/writing to ask you to please do whatever you can to ensure that this does not happen. Do not make little children pay. They need an Assistant Principal at their schools.


We need your help. Please make a phone call or send an email today!


Anonymous said...

The board of education will not be voting on this item on Tuesday, March 10. The vote may take place on March 24 but that is not confirmed.

Beckford Parents said...

Thanks for the update!! We still need to send our emails and make our phone calls...