Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just one more reason why LAUSD is "teh" Suck

hey LAUSD: stupid is as stupid does, dumbasses
how many typos can YOU find in this fine, LAUSD approved sign?

Joseph Mailander writes about yesterday's Board of Education meeting; protesting parents and the cost of mailing out those scary Pink Slips we've heard so much about. It all makes me sick:

from street-hassle:

Word comes from LAUSD that some teachers who currently have classroom assignments will be asked to resign to accommodate administrators with both teaching experience and seniority. Some teachers with as much as five years of classroom experience have been provisionally pink-slipped.Yesterday, some parents protested prospective teacher layoffs at Beaudry. One commenter observes:

Each layoff notice sent on Pink Slip Friday cost $5.32 to send by registered mail. The postman needed to collect my signature before he handed me mine on Saturday, and said he had delivered thirty other letters just like it that day. If the Los Angeles Unified School District sent out 9000 of those letters – at a cost of $47,880 – that would have saved the salary of one of the teachers being laid off. What a waste.

You need to bookmark street-hassle. No one else is covering the LAUSD crisis as thoughtfully and as thoroughly as Joseph is over at his fine blog.

(disclosure: yeah, yeah, yeah... i know, i know, mr. mailander is my editor at street-hassle, what of it? he rawks.)


Anonymous said...

That sign is correct no matter how bad it looks. I work at a middle school with many of these signs. The gate is to stay open during school hours. So they LOCK it in the open position so it wont be closed.

Please before bashing think it through

Duffie said...

>.> yea typos, the ones at my school are correct these are for the suk

Debbie Lopez said...

Uh, dear 10:40....

If you were to visit our school, you would see that the gate to which this sign is affixed is not able to be LOCKED in the open position... literally... can... not... be .... locked.

Additionally.... I want to know what school you went to that you could say that sign is "CORRECT" when the word POSITION is spelled P-O-S-T-I-O-N and the word DURING is spelled D-U-R-N-I-N-G?

FAIL. :)