Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's starting

Today's LAUSD Board of Education meeting is starting. Rumors of planned acts of civil disobedience by UTLA members and LAUSD parents have been burning up the Twitter feeds. I think if anyone gets arrested, we should have a Bail-Out Bake Sale, you know, in case any of the teachers need bail money. Srlsy.

You can follow it live on Twitter at http://twitter.com/utla2009.

For live feed of other Twitter UTLA feeds, search UTLA or UTLA/2009 for more tweets from people actually there.

Update 1: Lots of security and media already there when the UTLA buses rolled up to Beaudry.

Update 2: Duffy is there giving Channel 2 an interview

Update 3: The doors to the board room have just opened. UTLA members flooding in.

[1:11 p.m.]: The meeting has started. [ed: And now I have to leave to pick up my Beckford Princess. Will be back in an hour.]

[2:14 p.m., updates via @utla/2009: Board has moved to secret, undisclosed location.

[2:20 p.m.]: Gregg Solkovitz speaking, but cannot hear in cafeteria, where tv monitors are showing mtg

[2:33 p.m.]: From inside the vacated board room, no arrests yet. Testimony from teachers still going on. Media still inside too.

[2:30 p.m.]: UTLA preparing for 4pm rally off 4th and Boylston.

[3:30 p.m.] UTLA members, families and community members beginning to arrive for 4pm rally.

[4:00 p.m.]: Picketers lining 4th St

[4:15 p.m. via @utla/2009 at Twitter: A bus of 40 students from LA High just showed up, bringing even more excitement.

[4:22 p.m.]: More students from Dorsey and Crenshaw!

[4:26 p.m.]: The brave "band of yellow" who risked arrest are being introduced

[4:28 p.m.]: They represent all regions of LAUSD and are ready to do it all over again.

[4:40 p.m.]: The enthusiastic crowd continues forward to stop increased class size that layoffs could lead to


It is at this point I have to sign off. Mom's gotta cook dinner. And maybe go to a Girl Scout Leader meeting tonight.

More updates when I can.....

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