Sunday, November 16, 2008

Schools still open

Wildfires have returned to the southland, and specifically to the Valley.

Unfortunately, Porter Ranch is taking the brunt of the bad air, and school officials will determine tomorrow how much outdoor time students will be allowed.

The LAFD has an excellent blog with frequent updates that you can find by clicking here.

I mentioned to PTA President Robert Cohn the apparent irony that we live in a susceptible fire-danger area, and yet, if you eye the picture of Beckford on the side bar, you'll see a structure horrifically topped with WOOD SHINGLES! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I said nice dry crispy burny woody shingles top our classrooms (except the bungalows), offices and auditorium.

Why is it that LAUSD has allowed Beckford to hold its collective breath every time a fire breaks out in the area (which is happening every few years; this fire season it's been every few weeks) hoping and praying that some stray airborne burning ember won't set our school ablaze? With the recent winds, it would only take seconds for disaster to strike at our school if the worst were to happen.

Perhaps now that LAUSD has succesfully passed measure Q, which raises our taxes in order to improve existing schools, Tamar Galatzan (our district's school board member) will fight on our behalf to right an obvious long-standing wrong: the unsafe situation with our flammable roof.

Robert mentioned roofers had been dispatched to Beckford to take measurements for a new roof, but I don't know what action is planned next or how long it would take to replace the scary roof we have.

I'll try to contact some Site Council members to see if they know anymore about the roof situation.

In any event, for now, school is open; stay indoors as much as possible and keep the kidlets from any unnecessary outdoor activities.

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