Monday, October 13, 2008

Porter Ranch Fire

Currently, there are two fires burning in the San Fernando Valley.

The Marek fire is burning in the Sylmar/San Fernando/Lake View Terrace area. The winds are not helping the situation.

A new fire is being reported in Porter Ranch. By news accounts, the Porter Ranch fire seems to be burning north of Sesnon. We can see the smoke billowing down towards Beckford.

I've just spoken to the office staff at Beckford. There is a "rainy-day" schedule in effect, which means that the children will be staying indoors for the rest of the school day.

Principal Friedrich is aware of the fire and wants parents to know that if any of you feel uncomfortable about the unfolding situation, you may pull your child out of school.

Brian Humphrey, from the L.A. Fire Department assures us that NO MANDATORY EVACUATION is in effect at this time in Porter Ranch.

We'll keep you updated...

[Update: The Summit housing track has now been evacuated]

[Update #2 12:33 p.m.: Watching the news reports on KTTV -- the 118 freeway west is an absolute disaster from Reseda on. We can see traffic completely stopped just past the De Soto offramp, and cars are literally making U-turns in the middle of the freeway and driving in the opposite direction. It's incredible. Please, please, please stay away from the west side of Porter Ranch]

[Update #3: The 118 freeway west bound is closed at Reseda]

[Update #4 from

118 West Before De Soto Av Traffic Collision - Ambulance Responding 12:27 PM
Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 500, Grid 2B

Blocking Slow Lane 12:27 PM
Tow Truck vs Vehicle 12:27 PM
Message/Item Delivered LA Fire Department 12:28 PM
Dupe Info West Just East of De Soto-Overturned Vehicle on Fire 12:30 PM
#4 #5 Lanes Blked 12:32 PM
CHP Unit Enroute 12:33 PM
Vehicle Fully Engulfed Possible Possible Fatality Inside-Need Add L Units 12:34 PM
CHP Unit Assigned 12:34 PM
Confirmed Possible Fatality 12:36 PM
Message/Item Delivered Fire 12:36 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 12:36 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 12:36 PM
CHP Unit Assigned 12:36 PM]

[Update #5: Well, after long considering the circumstances (smoke, traffic and the fact that the Ralphs/OSH parking lot on Chatsworth/Zelzah-Lindley is half-blocked off due to repaving, I'm going to pull my boy out of Granada Hills High School early. The traffic on Chatsworth is already getting dicey, and there are reports of cars U-turning on the Balboa westbound off-ramp. I would avoid traveling on Chatsworth, Rinaldi and even Mission Blvds. until the freeway situation is cleared up. I'll keep my girl at Beckford. She's inside, she's safe, and easily accesible from where we are. I cannot say the same for Granada High School]


Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope things come out safely for you.

Beckford Parents said...

Thanks John.

We appreciate your good thoughts and prayers.

Looks like school will be open tomorrow, and we can get back to the business of learnin' our kids!

Boo fire! :(