Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Notes from the PTA Association Meeting

Beckford PTA held its first Association meeting of the new school year this evening.

President Robert Cohn welcomed staff members Kathy Zika, Cynthia Varner, and new Kinder teacher Chelsea Gutierrez; as well as all attendees.

Our Occupational Therapist Brian Young was also in attendance. Not only is Brian a staff member, he's also a Beckford Parent! It gets even better ...

The lovely Mrs. Brian Young (Meredith) teaches first grade at Beckford! We like to keep it all in the family! So glad to see you at your first Association meeting as a parent, Brian! (FIGHT ON!)

Beckford's own Boy Scout troop #911 led by an incredible color guard, led the flag salute. They were too adorable!

blurry scouts, kelly mattinson 10.7.08

Robert gave a his President's Report, and PTA is up and running at full clip. Thanks to the numerous Parent Volunteers, so much work has been accomplished on behalf of our students and teachers.

Thank you to Nina Maceda and Marilyn Seemann for their Room Parent coordinating efforts!

If you'd like to sign up to be a Beckford Volunteer, please contact Chana Gluck at bsblmom at socal dot rr dot com. She'll keep you up to date on all the various Volunteer Opportunities throughout the year.

Principal Barbara Friedrich gave her Principal's Report and announced the recent hiring of a new Assistant Principal for Beckford! Hooray! (Okay, I didn't have a pen or pencil and couldn't jot down the name she announced. I am a dork)

With a lot of help from PTA Treasurer Mary Ann Mogab, and the Awesomeness that is Ross Denny (to whom we owe an enormous debt, arranging the reading of our finances in such a way as to be entirely crystalline), we were able to breeze through the budget proposal with a clear, concise outline of our fundraising efforts and what we are able to pay for through those efforts. I won't post any hard numbers here, but strongly urge you to check the Beckford Spirit Bulletin Board located in the quad area. A financial report should be posted there within the next few days. Suffice to say, your PTA raises significant amounts of revenue, and in turn, is able to provide a multitude of services, supplies and educational programs to Beckford -- it is a beautiful thing to see on paper -- thanks to all of you.

The Budget Proposal was put to a vote before the Association and was handily passed. Well done, budget committee!! And a big Beckford "Thank You" to Mary Ann Mogab and Ross Denny.

BELL Fund committe member Gayle Denny gave her current numbers of participating families and the amount taken in thus far. Recycling Program chair Chris Bell reported the plastic recycling program is hugely successful. It has also become a hugely labor-intensive proposition. Chris would LOVE to have any help you could offer. PTA Membership chair Starlet Wagman announced our memberships now totaled somewheres in the 400's??? (I'm A No Pencil Havin' Girl, remember?) Way to go Starlet and your Membership Drive Committee! Entertainment Book Chair Diane Segismundo announced the fundraiser was a success! Great Job, Entertainment Book Team!

Room Parent Coordinator Nina Maceda wasn't feeling up to snuff, and had to miss tonight's meeting. Instead, she e-mailed her report to Marilyn Seemann, and Marilyn read it verbatim on Nina's behalf. Our Room Parents are so wonderful! Please remember to thank them often! They work so hard for our teachers and students!

The TOTAL HAWT AWESOMENESS THAT IS DENISE MUMMA gave her Community Partner Report. She is collecting Box Tops and signing up parent's shopping club cards to benefit Beckford. Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons and other retail stores (like our friends at Target!) offer programs that contribute a percentage of your sales to the organization of your choice --in this case --- Beckford! If you need anymore information, please contact Denise at beckfordmom at yahoo dot com.

We heard a few words from our hosts for dinner, Huntington Learning Center reps ... eee gads, I don't remember anyone's name and ... no pencil. They offer tutoring for kinder through some grade I can't recall. BUT THEY ROCK HARD SO YAY HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER!

And then Mrs. Friedrich passed out HOMEWORK PASSES to all parents in attendance.

And then the meeting was over. :(

--The End--


School Beautification Day -- 10/11

Skateland Night -- 10/14

Red Ribbon Week -- 10/23 to 10/30

Signature Gift Catalog Fundraiser -- 10/27 to 11/10

Halloween Candy Split -- 11/3 & 11/4

Reflections Submissions DUE 11/21


Soooo yummy!

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