Friday, September 19, 2008

Live (sort of) Blogging from the GH Football Game





That was pretty much the discussion I just had with my sources inside the John Elway football field via our elitist iPhones. He's sitting in the football stands at Granada Hills Charter High and he just witnessed Granada taking the lead 7 - 2 vs. DORSEY.

I kid you not people. That's right... I said DORSEY.

It's almost the end of the third quarter.

I also hear that Stafon Johnson was spotted on the Dorsey sideline wearing an 'SC jersey.

Oh man, this is big. Keep your fingers crossed for our GH boys, folks!
[UPDATE: Dorsey has since taken the lead 10 - 7 and are looking to score again. My sources are bailing and want me to pick them up and take them to Del Taco. Congrats to the GH football team for a great game against one of the toughest teams in the city!]

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