Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Frustration Continues...

Well, sorry the updates have been slow in coming... lots of stuff happening on campus, and I've been trying to sort out the website mess.

As of now the site is no longer valid. And I'll tell ya why....

Last year, we had a representative from Printable Perks (I tried to link to their website, but HA! IT'S NO LONGER A VALID SITE!) come to us with an exciting new fundraising opportunity-- we would sell advertising on a page on our website with links that went into a directory of other vendors in the area who also paid to advertise with Printable Perks. [Here's an example of a Printable Perks page]

Beckford was able to keep half of the advertising dollars for our PTA.

The only problem was, we didn't really have a website that we could utilize for this purpose.

Matt Davis, our Printable Perks sales rep said, "No problem! I'll hook you right up", and hook us up he did.

He managed to create a website for us (with his Printable Perks page included, of course), and then we were able to configure the rest of the site to suit our needs.

We worked on the website for many, many hours and had it just about perfect .... certainly ready enough to roll out for all our parents... and yet, right before school started, when I went to add new content, I was given numerous error messages from the site host.

I finally called the hosting site, and they informed me that Mr. Davis (who had agreed to take care of the hosting site charges) had NOT made any payments to the host site and his account had been sent to collections.

Our website and all of its contents was/is locked and is no longer available to us until the collections bill is taken care of.

After numerous attempts at contacting Mr. Davis, we've more or less given up on that route. Besides, it was a crappy hosting site anyway, and the publishing software they used was teh crap.

Now, we do have already up and running the official LAUSD website at:

[the Beckford Ave. Elementary Official Website link will take you to the above website now]

With help from Mrs. Friedrich, Carmen, Robert Cohn and myself, we were able to get into that website and update some of the information.

But I have to tell you: I totally hate that set-up, too. There is one program to edit; another one to publish.

After successfully updating the Calendar, Staff and Parent pages, I was unable to update the home page. I gave up and came home after I started contemplating shooting myself in the head with a Nerf(tm) gun in frustration.

OH, and by the way, the aforementioned editing and publishing software programs used with the LAUSD Beckford website... they seem inextricably linked to the computer in the Assistant Principal's office. More suckage.

I'm still working on it, folks.

Oh yeah, I gotta start on the Bear Truth, too. :)

It's all in a day's work, people ... all in a day's work.

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Anonymous said...

As a Beckford grandparent, I want to thank you all for the hard work put into this endevor.. Since I can not attend all the Beckford functions, I very much enjoy learning what is going on on campus, this way... It gives me the ability to see/know how I may be of help to my granddaughter's teacher and staff... Keep up the great work Beckford...Thank you Ms. Lopez :) Get us grandparents involved. We love it, at least I do.