Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, here we go again....

As you can see, the "Have A Great Summer" message on the marquee has finally been changed to the "Welcome Back" message.

::depression sets in::

(just kidding.... or am I?)

Granada Hills Charter High School parents, our summer ends on Monday when we send our high school brats back to school.

Where the heck did summer go to?

Our new PTA President, Robert Cohn, has contacted the new PTA Board, and they will meet sometime next week to begin charting out the year's activities and fundraisers. You can check back here for updates.

There are some empty slots as far as Chairpersons for various committees. As of press time, these are the following positions available. If you are interested please contact Robert immediately at :


Entertainment Books -- Diane Seigusmundo

Fall Fundraiser/Signature Gifts -- Shelley Clark & Bridgette Miller

Casino Night -- Kelly Mattinson

Yearbook -- Diane Seigusmundo

Bear Truth -- Debbie Lopez

Emergency/Safety Coordinator -- OPEN
This job entails making sure we have all our Emergency preparations in place and each classroom is equipped with emergency supplies, student emergency cards and student Comfort Kits (supplied by parents).

Ice Cream Fridays -- OPEN
Do the ordering of ice cream inventory; set up and man the Ice Cream Friday tables.

Bake Sales -- OPEN
Organize and find volunteers for the various Beckford Bake sales both on campus, and at Skateland

BearWear -- Louise Staves

Teacher Appreciation -- OPEN
This job is a lot of fun. Help organize year-long "Appreciation" (eg. first day of school snacks, Testing Survival Kits, etc) of our staff as well as plan for the yearly Teacher Appreciation Week activities.

Box Tops -- Denise Mumma

Room Parent Representative -- Nina Maceda

Family Fun Day -- Kelly Mattinson

Spring Fundraiser -- OPEN
Organize and Chair the selected fundraiser for Spring.

Open House/Silent Auction -- OPEN
Organize classroom Silent Auction Baskets and set-up for Silent Auction the night of Open House.

Teacher Raffle -- OPEN
Organize the Open House Teacher Raffle, and set-up Teacher Raffle Table the night of Open House.

Book Fair -- OPEN
Help organize and staff the book fair.

Hospitality -- OPEN
Set up hospitality table with snacks for various PTA meetings and events.

Donations -- Debbie Lopez & Kelly Mattinson

Lost & Found/Planet Aid -- Tina Casey

Pajamarama -- OPEN
Help plan our yearly Dr. Suess reading night.

Talent Show (?) -- OPEN
We're still in discussions as to whether this will remain a 5th Grade fundraiser or revert back to PTA.

School Directory -- Debbie Lopez & Robert Cohn

Reflections -- Melanie Hammock

Red Ribbon Week -- OPEN
Organize and plan events for Red Ribbon Week -- Our JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS campaign.

Skateland Nights -- OPEN
Schedule and reserve our fun and fabulous Skateland Nights! This job entails making a few phone calls and sending out flyers to let the campus know about Skateland.

Again, please contact Robert Cohn if you are interested in either Chairing a committee, or want to sign up for a particular committee.

We need all the parent involvement we can get!

Thanks again for being The Valley's Greatest Group of Parents Ever!

We need that on a banner.


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