Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well, It's Official...

The Mayor Sam blogger who goes by the moniker "Valley Doll" has posted the outcome of this afternoon's specially convened LAUSD Board of Education meeting regarding a proposed construction bond to be put before voters in November's election.

Here, from the Mayor Sam blog are some of the details:

At a special meeting this afternoon of the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) Board of Education, the board voted to approve a bond of $7 BILLION to improve safety and repair aging schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

According to the email version of Tamar Galatzan's Galatzan Gazette (omg how cute!) subscribers to her email newsletter "will receive a more detailed discussion of the bond and its implications for education in the next Galatzan Gazette in two weeks."

If you'd like to be on Tamar's mailing list, Denise Campos at denise dot campos at lausd dot net can hook you up.

Hopefully, the Board will dish all the details sooner than I get my next edition of the Gazette.

$7 Billion?

Seriously? Seems like there's an LAUSD bond before the voters every couple of years; and nothing ever really gets better.

And don't look now LAUSD, but the Charter Schools are going to be looking for their cut of that pie.

More details as they become available...

(edit: just found more details!) Please click here for the low-down on the bond (warning: its a pdf file that is 144 pages long! good grief!) You can read the entirety of the language, the estimated cost of putting the bond on this November's ballot and other fun and interesting tidbits in the report.

If you can make any sense out of all of it, let me know.

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