Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another LAUSD Bond Measure

Belmont Learning Center. The Black Hole of LAUSD construction.

The Daily News reports on the new LAUSD New Construction bond measure (the fifth multibillion-dollar school construction bond in a decade)

From the article:

This is not about slapping another coat of paint on a problem," (Mayor Antonio)Villaraigosa said. "This reform-minded bond will create smaller, independent schools rooted in community and free from downtown bureaucracy."

The mayor and school-district leaders would not say how much money would be sought - or how it would be spent. LAUSD officials had discussed a $3.2 billion figure this spring, but Villaraigosa would only say it would be a significant, multibillion-dollar bond.

Villaraigosa's office has survey research that indicates voters would support a school-bond of up to $10 billion on the November ballot, according to a source briefed on the research.

The president of the California Charter Schools Association said she supports a bond but is apprehensive because she has not yet seen details in writing. She wants $320 million for charters.

A draft of a proposed 2008 $3.2 billion bond measure sets aside $150million for charter schools.

"We're supportive of a $3.2 billion bond as long as there is a fair share for charter schools," said association President Caprice Young.

"We consider a fair share 10 percent of the bond."

While LAUSD officials have pitched the need for another school-construction bond, the district has not appeared to have strong support among civic leaders for a new measure.

And at least two board members said Friday that talk of a bond and how funds would be divided is preliminary.

"I haven't seen any specifics or numbers," said board member Tamar Galatzan.

Board member Julie Korenstein said while there have been discussions of funding for school modernization and construction, there has been no decision on a bond, its total or how it might be divided.

"This board of education has not yet taken a position," she said.

More as this story develops...

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